The history of the BCSA began in a gathering that took place on 25th - 27th February 1927, the name Bantu Baptist Church was then adopted. It remained that until 1966, it was then changed to the Bantu Baptist Convention of Southern Africa (BBCSA), that very same year it made a formal application to the Baptist Union (BU) for an association status. The BU agreed, which itself was founded in 1877 by four English-speaking churches and one German-speaking, after arriving in the in the early 1800s and the first Baptist church was established at Salem near Grahamstown in 1819, Eastern Cape. William Davies was the first ordained Baptist, who had a mandate from the Baptist Missionary Society in England. Later the BBCSA leadership felt it was wrong and unbiblical to remain racially segregated, and in 1968 the word 'Bantu' was dropped, thus the birth of the BCSA. Currently in South Africa we have 4 member bodies under our international mother body the Baptist World Alliance, i.e. Baptist Association of SA, BCSA, Baptist Missions of SA and Baptist Union SA which account for 814 Churches and 70,029 members. The BCSA has 23,700 members, which makes it second behind BUSA with 42,029 members. BCSA affiliates directly to the All Africa Baptist Fellowship AABF, with representation in 28 countries, 38,636 Churches and 9,917,038 Church members. Our global mother body, the Baptist World Alliance was established in 1905. It has a fellowship of 228 conventions and unions in 121 countries and territories comprising 42 million members in 177,000 churches.

As Baptist, as the name suggests, we believe that those that believe must be baptized by full emersion under water, considering all scripture from the Old and New testament as original writings fully inspired of God. We believe in the Trinity, Virgin Birth, the death, resurrection, ascension and second coming of Christ.